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12 Ultimate Playlists For Every Mood

Introducing our 12 Spotify playlists for every mood, which are definitely worth listening to.

Browse through INJECTION’s 12 spotify playlists to listen to one that fits your current vibe and life phase. All the songs have been carefully and specifically selected for every mood you find yourself in. Whether you feel like chilling, crying, turning up, having sex or driving late at night through the streets - we got you!

1. chill rap for your soul

2. rave and vibe with me

3. songs to make love to

4. crisis & chill

5. sunset softboi

6. real OG

7. turnup

8. 3 A.M

9. sadboi

10. rock n roll baby

11. boss babe

12. trash sound

Enjoy our playlists and follow INJECTION MAGAZINE on Spotify!

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