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  • Nicole Mai Untersander

ATYPIC Drops Its Debut Collection ENTROPY

You better keep an eye on the eco-conscious Black-owned brand ATYPIC.

ATYPIC, the brainchild of Toronto-based young creative Tristan Cole is dropping their debut collection, ENTROPY, on March 7th.

ATYPIC is a manifestation of both unique graphics and intricate techniques. With an underlying environmental agenda at its core, the brand is committed to generating a low CO2 footprint in the production of its clothing. ENTROPY, their first collection, is primarily upcycled and recycled.

With ENTROPY, Tristan draws from life as a reference to visualise the current state of reality. It is a reflection of the designer’s observations of the world and his experiences as a model and graphic designer. In all of his designs, Tristan follows the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which focuses on the acceptance of transience and finding beauty in the imperfection.

The debut collection includes the A.SABI reclaimed denim jeans, the A.SHIBARI modular bag in two colourways, and the A.TOPO modular memory foam chair - available for purchase on from March 7th.

© ATYPIC designer Tristan Cole

© ATYPIC / ENTROPY campaign shot by Jonathon Smith

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