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Bold, Young, and Loud: Sofia Gillani Expressing Life Through Her Unforgettable Style

© Sofia Gillani

Enjoy music, and don't take life too seriously! No one can do what you do!

Submitted by Sofia Gillani (15), London/Surrey

At the age of 9, I had my first taste of the musical world, playing the lead role in "Evita." That experience changed my life forever, and I have since released six songs, each with their own invigorating music videos. My single "Water Run Dry" was featured on BBC Introducing and has surpassed 9K views on YouTube. In 2021, my song "Waiting for You" won the Best Music Video award at the Euro Music Awards. I have performed at various events, from Westfield, London to the Haslemere Fringe Festival and Luton Pride. My latest track, "Monster," marks a new dawn for me as I take on 2023, and I will be releasing a new EP in May. It is an exciting time for me, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

My motto is to enjoy the small victories and love life. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, so becoming a musician felt like a natural progression. Growing up, I was surrounded by instruments, and my family has always been supportive of my passion. My dad has been my role model in the music industry, as he was once a musician himself. He has been there for each and every song, and he has always been such a promoter for me. He's quite inspiring, really.

© Sofia Gillani

Through my music, I aim to share my personal experiences and create a sense of relatability with my listeners.One thing that sets me apart is my uniqueness. None of my songs are the same, and each song explores a new genre. My style is bold, young, and loud, and not limited to any specific type. I write all my music myself, and the creative process is simple. I express myself through music, so my songs are messages and meanings that have come from my life. Whenever I get inspiration, I immediately jot it down in my notes app. I write a few words on how I'm feeling and then start putting a song together when I'm ready. It's a beautiful process.

My new single “Monster" is about expressing yourself through the alter ego of what society considers a "monster". It breaks music norms by giving a scary but encouraging feeling of becoming and living as a "monster", speaking your truth and embodying your personal power. For me, this doesn't necessarily mean a stereotypical monster, but rather the obstacles in life that can seem "monstrous". The song is similarly bold and powerful as most of my songs, but the message has evolved to explore ideologies beyond power and conflict and move into the realm of emotional intelligence. Audiences can interpret it as people understanding their version of a 'monster' and challenging themselves to own their inner 'monster'. The song is fierce and heartbreaking, with impressive deep bass and intense energy. The song aims to bring out the best version of yourself, with one of the strongest messages: stand up to it, even if it scares people. For me, this is a psychologically fascinating and exciting project!

The best part of my work is having the freedom to be creative and being in my element. I make sure that I approve of every piece of music that I put out, so I fully support everything I create. Additionally, working with my team is fantastic, and we have a great time making music together. However, the part I like the least is feeling nervous before a show. Although I know that it means I care about my performance, I don't enjoy having butterflies in my stomach all the time.

My main goal in my music career is to grow alongside my music and share the joy in my messages with everyone. I aim to explore different genres and experiment with my style. I want to perform at more festivals globally and continue to make music that resonates with people. I would also like to see more artists in the industry have the opportunity to collaborate. I think the mesh of styles is incredible, and the creative potential in the industry can definitely be expanded. Performing is electrifying. Seeing people vibe to my music is an incredible feeling, and it's the reason why I perform live. As I pursue my passion for music and continue to evolve as an artist, I hope to inspire others to express themselves freely and fearlessly while also contributing to the growth and diversification of the music industry.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming EP, which will be released in May.

Find Sofia Gillani on Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube


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