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Breaking Boundaries: Toronto DJ Andrea Godin on Revolutionising the Music Industry

© Andrea Godin

Toronto's multi-talented music maverick takes home indie EDM song of the year and paves the way for fair deals and a worldwide radio show.

Submitted by Andrea Godin, Toronto

As a Producer, DJ, Recording Artist, and Label Owner from Toronto, Canada, I have been in the music industry for most of my life, mainly focusing on House, Electronic, and R&B styles. There have undoubtedly been some memorable highlights in my career so far. Most recently, I won the Indie EDM Song of the Year in the 2022 Pinnacle Awards for my song "Your Love" with Starkillers. Currently, I am planning and producing many upcoming releases for my labels, in addition to having my own house music radio show, "Fresh & Wild," which is syndicated to over 100 radio stations globally.

My main goals in my music career are to build up my record labels, Scarlet Cartels & Red Cartel, and make them both huge platforms that artists genuinely want to be on. I want to be able to provide artists with fair deals, unlike the typical record deals that completely take advantage of people's careers. I also intend to grow my radio show from 100 syndications into a massive worldwide household name in the dance music industry. Alongside these ambitions, I am aiming to expand my catalogue of releases and get them in front of as many eyes and ears as possible through marketing and promotion. The end goal of all of this is to get back to my favourite part of it: touring!

© Andrea Godin

What sets me apart from other artists is that, for the most part, I have completely stopped working with other artists other than my core team. I made this decision when I came to the realisation of how many years my collaborations were setting me back. It seems a lot of people frown upon artists who really don’t collaborate with other artists. These people did not see the 10 years of collaborations that truly held me back because I was subject to so many other artists' lack of drive and motivation. It happened time and time again. Now that I have my main team, who has the most insane drive and ambition, I am sticking with them. We have progressed far more in a few years than I was ever able to accomplish with anyone else throughout my whole career. Eventually, we will look for more talent to join us, but for now, this is the route we want to take.

Speaking of my team, I want to thank them for empowering me and really teaching me the skills I need to run my label, produce, understand the business aspect, and even for just helping me be the best artist I can be. We have so many exciting projects and releases on the way, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

You can find Andrea on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Mixcloud, and Beatport.


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