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Freddie Long in "Retro Reimagined" – A Fusion of 60s Hairstyle and Flow Movement

© Bianca Valentine

In the vibrant world of fashion photography and hairstyling, Freddie Long, James Berry, and Bianca Valentine wanted to create a project that was about more than just the iconic hairstyles of the 1960s.

"Retro Reimagined" is an exploration of how traditional elements from the 1960s can be modernised and blended with contemporary flow movement. The project seeks to encapsulate the essence of the past while expressing an entirely fresh perspective, ultimately celebrating the spirit of collaboration and creative innovation.

The Key Contributors

Freddie Long, the charismatic model, and collaborator, is at the heart of this project. An extraordinary singer-songwriter and frontman of the alt-rock duo Lost Romantic, Freddie and his bandmate Kieran Leigh released their debut album LOVEXHATE this September, which has since amassed over 300,000 streams. On the retro hair project, Freddie commented: “I've always wanted to work with James and Bianca so when the opportunity came I took it. James has been styling my hair for a while now and I’ve been a big fan of Bianca’s works ever since I got introduced. I took the concept to them and with that, everything moved extremely quickly and once I knew it we were shooting. Collaborating and bringing ideas to life is what’s it all about for me. I love the process and that journey of working on a concept and then collaborating with others to bring it to life.”

James Berry, the hairstylist, breathed life into the 60s hairstyles and skillfully recreated iconic looks from the era, adding his own unique touch to each style. 

Bianca Valentine, the visionary behind the lens, played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of "Retro Reimagined." Her eye for detail, lighting, and composition turned every shot into an amazing work of art.

Ultimately though, Retro Reimagined isn’t just about iconic hairstyles and exceptional photography. It’s also about the power of collaboration in the creative industry. It showcases how individuals with unique skills and passions can come together to breathe life into a concept. The project is a reminder that it's not just about the final result; it's about the journey and the connections forged along the way.

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