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Iceland’s Axel Flóvent: Music to Amplify Feelings And Create Clarity

© Magnus Anderson

The Icelandic singer-songwriter talks about writing music without a plan and the nostalgic new album ‘Away From This Dream’.

My name is Axel Flóvent and I am from Húsavík, a small village in Iceland; a tiny place within a tiny place. I moved a lot as a kid: We lived in about 10 different apartments and houses in the first 12 years of my life and a few other places around Denmark with my mum when I was young. The world was my oyster, which shaped my outlook on life. 

As an artist, I like to accidentally create, so I focus on being in an environment where I can make mistakes and accidents while writing. I’m not a big fan of deliberate musical ideas that are written with a specific plan in mind. In my opinion, the unconsciousness writes the best stuff.

I remember being a teen and listening to my favourite albums and having different albums for different moods. When music is good it amplifies the feelings that are already there, pushes you over the edge, and creates clarity in things that feel unclear and foggy and that is my biggest intent with my music. To help clarify uncertain thoughts. 

Creating my new album Away From This Dream was probably the most organised process I’ve ever done. I had the whole plan written down before writing the first song. I had a schedule for writing and an ideal time for recording. I recorded the elements thoroughly in my studio while writing, so every element would be usable once hitting the studio. During the writing, I created a surrounding where I could be open and creative. Away From This Dream will hopefully take you on a drive through different glossy nostalgic fields during this summer. 

My biggest inspiration for this album was one of my favourite bands The 1975. I’d love to get Matty and George to produce a track for me but my biggest inspiration forever is Justin Vernon and if I’d collaborate with him in any shape or form I would die happy. 

© Magnus Anderson

A huge challenge about being a musician for me is always the modern marketing part. I don’t agree with the self-representation evolution and I don’t want to present myself in the way artists are forced to do these days.

Hence, I’m fully aware that I automatically fall behind when I’m not able to do that. I try to work with the limitations I create for myself and navigate through them with the tools I’m willing to use. 

Next up are a couple of festivals and a small UK tour at the beginning of July. Then I just have a few months to write which I am very looking forward to.

Follow Axel on Instagram and TikTok and book tickets to his upcoming UK shows here.


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