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Working As A Callboy: Interview With Nick Laurent

© Photo via Callboy Nick Laurent

What it’s like to work as a callboy, while being in a committed relationship.

Nick Laurent has been working as a callboy for more than 10 years. As probably the longest-serving and perhaps even best known high-end callboy in Switzerland, today, he has built up his own 3 callboy agency platforms. In our conversation, he opens up to us about how and when he started with his profession and why it’s important for him to have a stable relationship at home alongside his job. Moreover, Nick explains why it isn’t just about sex, but rather about respect, empathy and the exchange between two individuals.

When did you start working as a callboy and what encouraged you to start?

I started working as a callboy at the end of 2006. It all started, because I went quite often to clubs with my partner at that time, we were sexually very open. Several women, whom I met intimately during this time, thanked me for the sex, and some even told me that I could earn money with it. After consultation with my partner, I placed a first advertisement in a newspaper, which actually led to my first successful booking. Afterwards, I decided to create my own website, use professional photos and openly admit to my new side job - Those who do not hide, offer less surface to attack.

Why are you doing this job?

At that time it was probably pure curiosity whether something like that could work at all. By now, I have realized that I am doing something good with it. It's not just about sex, because a woman can find it at every corner. It is rather about the perception of the other person, respect, communication and the exchange between two people and to feel accepted by the other, to be able to let go. All this without obligations and entanglements. A client once said that spending time with me was like a holiday where everyday problems were not an issue. That's why I love this profession, although many people may have a completely different picture in their minds, it is so varied and interesting that I don't want any other job and for years I have worked almost exclusively as a callboy. Of course, you can not compare male and female prostitution, since there are usually quite a few differences. As a woman, I would probably not pursue this work, although there are other examples like me, who have a completely different "standing" in the high-class segment. In any case, I think that through this work and the countless encounters I have had over the years, I have been able to develop personally into a better man, just as I have been able to enrich the lives of my clients, who, by the way, are neither desperate nor ugly.

What kind of dates and activities do you offer?

My offer ranges from sole accompaniment to strip shows, holiday company, massage, bondage and of course sex, whereby the personal exchange, as already mentioned, is always in the foreground.

What makes a good callboy in your opinion?

A good callboy must be able to fully respond to the counterpart and put his ego far behind. There's no room for horny stallions. To make it simple, women want to have a good time and be with a person who meets them at eye level, someone who is empathetic but also takes the reins in his hands. Someone who always treats the woman with respect.

Have you always been so open with being a callboy or did you decide at a certain point to no longer keep it a secret?

In fact, I have always been that open with my profession. What good is lying or hiding? I don't do anything reprehensible and even my family, after initial scepticism, is fully committed to what I do, because they know that it does not harm me and that I do not harm anyone.

You are currently in a committed relationship, how did the two of you meet?

Especially a callboy, who sometimes also mimes the psychologist, needs a stable basis at home, just like any other working person. I got to know my current partner as a client over three years ago, just like the last one, with whom I even wrote a book on this subject. Yes, that can happen too, even if something like that should not happen, but nobody is immune to true feelings. She came into my life at a moment when I was extremely receptive to it, and from the very first moment she cast a spell over me.

Is jealousy a problem between you two?

If jealousy was a problem, we would not be together anymore, because as I said before, I also need a stable base from which I can draw strength. She supports me every day with her love, wants me to be well, does not interfere in my business and offers me support. What's the saying? Behind every strong man, there is also a strong woman, and in contrast to this statement she is absolutely equal by my side in the shield wall.

Do you have to step into different roles/ characters depending on the client? If so, is it hard for you?

Well, basically I always play myself, because I already offer such a wide range of characters and roles so that I never have to adjust or even bend myself. However, if I receive a request that I do not agree with at all, I simply refuse the order. This is the freedom of an absolutely independent self-employed person.

Do you have any tips for other men who would like to get into the business?

Back when I started, there was nothing really comparable and I had to build everything up by myself. Today, however, one can register as an independent callboy at, for example, and already have a well-attended platform at his disposal to offer himself and his services to potential customers. The most important requirements for this job are, however, that you should also be well received by women in your private life and of course, have patience, because women are not like men and usually need a little more time to decide. In addition, some valuable tips can certainly be drawn from my previous answers.


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