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Meet VALENTIN - Berlin’s Future Electro-Pop Newcomer

© VALENTIN, photography by Rachel Colless

When fashion-techno meets feminism.

After releasing her absolute banger “Drogen nehmen” earlier this year, the Berlin-based artist VALENTIN has caught the attention of us and many others with her futuristic sound and her unpredictably clear lyrics. A unique mix of feminism, avant-garde fashion, electro-pop, the clarinet and Berlin’s underground club scene reflects in her sound and aesthetics. She is not only a self-produced artist, who creates everything from the idea to the final product herself, but also a painter and mother. VALENTIN doesn't see herself as a singer, but more as an artistic movement. It is about freedom and not beauty. You better keep on reading to get to know VALENTIN, the German girl boss underground artist on the rise!

What influences and inspires your sound and lyrics?

I strongly live in my own world. I like to surround myself with my family and my work. These are the two components that give me energy and therefore influence and inspire me the most.

How has living in Berlin influenced your music?

“Live and let live”. Knowing intuitive boundaries that enable freedom for others is more present in Berlin than in many other cities. Especially in the club culture of the electronic scene. Freedom without egoism. Expression of this attitude towards life is my music and therefore everything I am.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

I want them to feel strong. I want to convey strength through my music, through the lyrics as well as through the beats. Strength and courage to get to know each other and to be yourself. To fight for who you are without compromises.

We find it very impressive and amazing that you are a self-produced artist. Could you tell us about the creative process of your most popular song „Drogen nehmen“?

Something, a melody, a line or a beat nests itself in my head and at some point I realize that and start producing. Most of the time I start with the drums. It was the same with the song "Drogen nehmen". The kick you hear at the beginning of the track runs through the whole track. I wanted it to bang. Then, intuitively, one element after the other was added, as if the track already existed and I just had to put it down on paper. The clarinet part was suddenly in my head. My husband and I were visiting my mother-in-law in Frankfurt and I said: "I have to work. Can I take the clarinet on the balcony?" Just like that “Drogen nehmen” was complete.

The clarinet is very significant in your music. When did you start playing it?

Very early. With nine years. I was also very successful in classical music. I was supposed to be encouraged, but pretty soon I didn't feel like it anymore. I really appreciate that my father simply accepted that. "You will play again sometime," he always said. And he was right.

How has Covid-19 affected your career?

I had the support commitment from MIA. for her Germany tour in May 2020. Of course everything that had a negative impact on my career was cancelled, because my music lives when I can convey it live. Besides, I come from the club culture and all the clubs are shut down. I hope that most of them will survive somehow. But in retrospect I realized how small my daughter still is and how much we both enjoyed spending this intense time together. It would have been too early for her.

If you could choose freely, who would you most like to collaborate with?


What are your career plans and goals for the upcoming year?

If Corona makes it possible again, then I will go on tour in Germany with MIA. There will be some releases and music videos that are very close to my heart and are looking for like-minded hearts.

What advice would you give young female musicians that want to break into the music industry?

Look around and recognize what you are missing personally. Where is your longing and how can you convey it? Do not make any compromises. Connect with people you trust and who share your vision - they exist. And never sign a contract without checking it with someone in the business. I speak from personal experience ;-)

Find VALENTIN on Spotify, Instagram, SoundCloud and YouTube

© Photography by Rachel Colless

Make-Up by Cory Unders

Styling by Stinny Stone


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