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  • Ryoma Deiss and Nassima Alloueche

Preserving the Planet with Style: MELLER's Journey to Sustainability Beyond Earth Day

MELLER's commitment to sustainability is not just a marketing ploy, but a genuine mission to make a positive impact on the world.

As we approach International Earth Day 2023, the theme "Invest in Our Planet" resonates more deeply than ever. It serves as a powerful reminder for us to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to sustainability, recognising that it encompasses various aspects of our lives. Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges, including climate change, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and pollution. It is imperative that we take action to protect and preserve our home for the benefit of future generations.

One critical area that demands immediate attention is the use of sustainable materials and the urgent need to address rampant consumerism. The 21st century has gained notoriety for its detrimental environmental impact, stemming from resource-intensive production processes and the overwhelming disposal of waste. However, there are commendable brands that are leading the way in driving positive change by embracing sustainable practices and prioritising conscious consumerism.

In our pursuit of a better understanding of how sustainability and consumerism intersect, INJECTION had the opportunity to interview Carles Martìnez, the creative director of MELLER, an eyewear brand that seeks to epitomise the ethos of sustainability. In our conversation with MELLER, we explore their unique approach to sustainability, including how they incorporate sustainable materials into their products and their efforts to promote conscious consumerism. Join us as we delve into their inspiring story and learn about how MELLER is striving to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and beyond.

© Carles Martìnez

Upon joining the company in 2021, Martìnez quickly recognised the brand's potential for promoting and incorporating sustainability. Since then, the brand has been intensively working towards making their sustainability a selling point. Starting with sustainable packaging, which has been in use for many years now, the brand is excited to introduce a bio-based resin that serves as a sustainable alternative to the petroleum solution used beforehand. This and many other initiatives have been taken by MELLER to pave a path for their brand that aligned with a greener future. For Martìnez, sustainability is not just a mere chore or greenwashing tactic, but rather an opportunity for the brand to upgrade and differentiate itself.

MELLER is committed to becoming a more sustainable brand by prioritising honesty about facts and figures, transparency in practices and materials, and clear communication with the public. Consumers are becoming increasingly more inquisitive of brands’ sustainability standards and trying to hide unsustainable business practices is becoming more and more difficult to do without facing backlash. So, it is especially important nowadays for companies to be transparent and honest with their customers, according to Martìnez. By clarifying their production standards, companies can empower customers to make informed and sustainable buying decisions, which benefits both the consumer and the brand.

MELLER’s way of communicating sustainability is aimed to be a fun and easy educational interaction to give people who don’t care about buying sustainably, a chance to see that sustainability doesn’t equal compromise, because through innovative technologies and collaborative work, brands like MELLER are able to produce sleek and modern designs the environment doesn’t have to suffer for. Martìnez says that the goal is not to bore people with overly-complicated lessons on chemical compounds but to make sustainability cool and that can be done by proving that switching to durable materials and a careful study of data analysis can produce prime-quality products with much appeal.

Martìnez explains that a key to increasing sustainability for MELLER is to study data intensely to map out the preferences of customers and sales figures in order to eliminate excess production and therefore waste. This approach also includes the use of limited editions and special collections, which can increase the desirability of the brand's sunglasses. As Martìnez explains, "the less you produce, the more you can sell." By producing only what customers truly want, MELLER can reduce waste while also enhancing its brand appeal.

In honour of Earth Day, let's hope that more companies will open their eyes to the importance of sustainable practices for the planet, the consumer, and the brand alike. Reframing the narrative surrounding sustainability into one that reveals its convenience for everybody involved could play a massive role in shifting towards less wasteful and more mindful production. There is an undeniable demand for transparency and trustful sustainability practices from the consumer’s side, now it’s up to companies to join MELLER in their pursuit of sustainability, and open up a path towards a greener shopping experience.

Produced by: INJECTION Magazine - Ryoma Deiss

Photographer: Andri Vöhringer

Editing: Andri Vöhringer

Styling: Ryoma Deiss

MUA: Hanna-Mo

Model: Paul Berand

Model: Hanna-Mo


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