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"i am not a girl and i am not a boy," Words From An Untitled Poem

© Rin Connors

Submitted by Rin Connors (16), Utah, United States

I am not a girl

And I am not a boy,

Neither label brings me joy.

How can I choose just one word

To mean so much and define my world?

To allow others to assume my nature

Because of a word not made to cater.

A word that says I’m these certain things,

Now the word has clipped my wings.

Because if I am this word, I’m just these things,

And am not allowed to explore everything. 

We’ve made these words into a jail,

A box, a cage, a blinding veil.

We've become the trapper and the trapped,

In our own terms we're so enwrapped.

We can't seem to escape the rules we've made,

But what if our perspective changed?

What if we cast off the chains,

Cast off the stereotypes so ingrained

Into these words and into our world,

Now the word is just a word.

Open to interpretation,

Not confined by limitation,

Able to be a new creation. 

The word’s boundaries have been broken.

New possibilities wait to be spoken.

A possibility, 

An opportunity,

A chance to say,

I am not a girl 

And I am not a boy,

I don’t need a label to enjoy,

To know, 

To feel, 

Just who I am. 

I am me. 

I am. 

© Rin Connors


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