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A Second.

© Illustration by INJECTION

Poem: A Second.

Submitted by Mansi Darbhamulla (20), Hyderabad, India

For reasons unknown, humans become distant to one another over a million reasons or sometimes just a second.

Time tells us everything and it's mostly sweet little lies unfolding into bitter truth monsters. One second is enough to turn a friend into a foe and love into despise but we often forget how it took us only a second to make that decision in the first place.

People love, hate, fuck, fight or cry for several reasons but it only takes us a second to transition from one emotional rollercoaster to another. But why do we hearten these hollow relationships in the first place if they're going to shift in time from one spot to another?

Now, that's a question with a possible answer. All these passing seconds need to be filled with memories and connections. Some filled with love, some with intimacy and a few with hatred and envy. We probably use other fellow humans as tools to fill these up. But does that mean we never make meaningful connections or that people are just entertainers in these fleeting moments?

Well, there might be a few stronger memories and few ties we can't let loose but that's a 1:infinity ratio and if you do find someone worth keeping, don't let go. But when we ourselves are transcending landscapes in this space called time then why should we even go through the ordeal of these piled up emotions.

This statement will probably not end the world hunger or provide insight to desperate lovers but might give you a reason to move on from a toxic relationship or a frenemy.


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