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Poem: Blood and Bones

© Illustration by INJECTION - Alicia Lupieri

Poem: Blood and Bones

Submitted by Mansi Darbhamulla, 20 years, from Hyderabad, India

In the beginning, I'd often ponder about us.

Lost in sleepless nights revisiting our horny mornings and breath-gasping afternoons.

Is it weird that I can still feel your sweaty breath on my neck and taste your lips on mine whenever I want.

Makes me realize, how we indeed leave pieces of ourselves with the ones we depart from.

Trying to uncover little riddles you left with me after every orgasm under the stars, together forever was definitely one among the lies.

Now, that you left and swore that you'd never come back.

Those lucid dreams of you giving me closure have stopped.

But tell me if she can feel your bloodstream beneath your bones and moving muscles under her head when you cuddle.

Does she sleep on your numb arms or know that you don't like it too long?

Does she know that you like to lie or does she believe everything you say?

Does she touch you and look at you like I do?

If she says that she does.

Would you know that she's lying?

Nicole Untersander Ryoma Deiss INJECTION Magazine


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