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  • Nicole Mai Untersander

Queer Dancers on Sexuality and Gender Identity

© Kofi by Yonca Sophia Ergen

Get a glimpse into the lives of three queer dancers of Zurich, Switzerland.

Isn’t the true beauty of our self that we can change and constantly grow over time? Shouldn’t the same concept apply to how one identifies their gender and sexuality?

Nothing is fixed within a person‘s identity. Gender and sexuality are part of a complex, conceptual social identity with different meanings to different people. The norms that have been created around it are only a result of social construction. INJECTION's short documentary series aims to challenge stigmatised views and explores the sexuality and gender identities of Nene, Cyan and Kofi; three queer dancers based in Zurich, Switzerland.


Directed by: Yonca Sophia Ergen

Produced by: Nicole Mai Untersander

Starring: Nene, Kofi and Cyan

Dop & Edit: Yonca Sophia Ergen

Music: Simon de Beer

Lightdesign: Lola Crosina Caballero

Colour: Erick Moraes

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