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"Share Your Story" submitted by Anonymous, 21 years old

all i saw when i looked in the mirror,

was that my skin didn't become clearer.

all i thought when i saw my face,

was that i wanted to go back under my covers,

into a dark embrace.

it's not something i wanted or decided to choose,

but it made me feel that i had years to lose.

for it made me want to stay inside,

simply to maintain my pride.

we are taught by society that it is wrong,

that only those who glow are pretty and strong.

my friends said i was overreacting and it didn't matter,

they probably thought i couldn't hear their chatter.

i asked myself does everyone with it feel,

like they need to get rid of it to heal.

some seem so happy they seem not to care,

don’t they see the burden they bear?

why does the world accept them but not me,

why is my skin the only thing the world can see.

i would have killed to look like they do,

to reinvent myself and emerge anew.

but if i did then i wouldn’t be me,

i just can’t understand why that’s how they wanted it to be.

there came a time when i stopped to try,

i stopped to look at me and cry.

the universe created me to look like this,

i had to get up, flee the abyss.

i am part universe, the universe is part me,

so now I turn my flaws into art for everyone to see.

i am art.