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INJECTION is a female led, independent digital platform based in London that is committed to be a catalyst for social change in the creative industry, by exploring the unexplored and discussing the undiscussed. We are passionate about creating a space within the creative sphere that sparks meaningful conversations, encourages mutual education, and broadens our readers' horizons. Our publication is dedicated to providing a platform for discussing unconventional topics and featuring new discoveries related to sex, art, fashion, music, societies, and cultures.

We believe in the power of community and the importance of giving voice to those who may not always have a platform to speak up. That's why we encourage our community to speak up, share their stories, and express their views on topics that matter. We also strive to support up-and-coming creatives, artists, and writers by providing them with a space to showcase their talents.

Our purpose transcends mere entertainment; we're dedicated to offering insightful, inspirational, and impactful content that nurtures curiosity, and promotes a more engaged and mindful approach to media consumption to foster empathy, connection, and critical reflection.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities to work with us or collaborate as a partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discussing potential collaborations and partnerships that align with our vision and mission at INJECTION.


Are you looking for a platform to showcase your work or express your thoughts and opinions? At INJECTION, we strongly believe in fostering a community of diverse voices and perspectives.

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