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  • Laura Holtslag-Alvarez

Condemned To Repeat

© INJECTION Laura Holtslag-Alvarez

A ghost is an emotion bent out of shape, condemned to repeat itself, time and time again.” - Mama (2013)

“Condemned to Repeat” is a conceptual video production collaboration between INJECTION magazine and the 7 Heart archive – a digital publication and creative agency focused on fashion, pop culture, and art which was founded by three university students in 2020. Halloween is a time (more than others) to be freely expressive and creative, especially through fashion. The three-part video series features common female character tropes; Sexual and Emotional, portrayed by The Witch, and the Lifeless “ambulatory chalice”, as portrayed by The Creepy Doll.

Quiet and pale,

She’d never tell

The thoughts behind her eyes

For they –

They only liked her short skirts,

And her innocent stare

Yet the blood on her frock

Kept her not wanted,

but mocked.

Feminine, intense –

It was like a sixth


How her mind’s eye read the future.

But even she couldn’t see

How her dominance scared


He who would demand her suture.

And so they conjoin,

For better than for worse –

A woman’s two sides of the coin.

Lonely will they be,

Until he sets them free

For man made the mould

Shaping their hearts so



Directed by: Laura Holtslag-Alvarez & 7 Hearts Archive:

Isa M. Gotera, Madison Wright, and Fabiana Heras

Cinematographers: Laura Holtslag-Alvarez, Fabiana Heras

Assistant cinematographer: Dara Akomolafe

Poems by: Laura Holtslag-Alvarez

The Doll: Madison Wright

The Witch: Isa M. Gotera

Voice actor: Nick Besso


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