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R&B, MTV and Disney: This is Jeffrey the KiDDD

Meet Jeffrey The KiDDD: London's animated R&B sensation crafting timeless stories in 'Diary of a Fxck Boy.'

Yo yo, my name is Jeffrey The KiDDD, I'm a singer-songwriter-artist from London. I was born and raised in London, I class myself to be very lucky to have grown up in London where it's so multicultural, along with so many opportunities and sights to see. My parents who are originally from Ghana have spent the majority of their lives here in London.

I would say I'm very animated...hence 'The KiDDD' aspect of my name. I believe I'm this big kid that won't ever change, however I don't class myself as immature. Growing up I watched a lot of cartoons which helped shape my character and love for music and even just creating. I would watch the Disney classics and listen to the scores and try to understand why certain music was being used. This taught me about feelings in music, moods and vibes which would later help illustrate my creativity as well as the process.

I would say my inspiration and aspirations are to just do. A lot of the time as a creative we tend to overthink things, which is an ongoing battle in this world but if you can just let go and create your art; that's what I see as inspiration. I've been given a gift and yes there's many obstacles but there's nothing greater than just releasing your art into the world and just letting it be.

I am very oldschool. I grew up watching MTV’s 'Making the Band’ with P Diddy, understanding artist development with Joe Jackson and Matthew Knowles so there's no taking any short cuts with me! That's my discipline, really understanding the art and craft of song, performing, entertaining your audience even through awkward moments, whether there's 10 people in the crowd or 1000. I've been through it haha!

My style of music is definitely R&B, I love Michael Jackson, Usher, Brandy, Boyz II Men, Earth, Wind and Fire! Timeless music that will live on for decades, and I also love 90s/00s music. I was a crazy fan of Top of the Pops and CD:UK, that chart music has not left me or my pen. A lot of people have heard some of my music and can pinpoint those influences- which I'm not mad at.

With all that being said my music is very storytelling based. Songs like Shaggy 'It Wasn't Me!' that paint a picture and are like ‘what's going to happen next is’, what i love writing about. My project is called 'Diary of a Fxck Boy', it's me narrating stories from myself as well as my boys, stuff that has never really been spoken about. No, it's not me putting their business out but I guess it's a way for me to express stories and truths that sometimes society can view and deem to be bad when it's coming from an honest place.

In this music game there is always a challenge. But I'm always like ‘Jeff, how bad do you want this?’ that's always playing in my mind. There's days where it's like, ‘ok I have given 1000% but today I just need a chilled day to just be with my thoughts and understand them’ so sometimes I speak to friends or family. It's a journey and a process that a lot of people seem to sometimes not understand. This is something that I love and find great happiness in, as hard as it may be..but I guess the answer to this is to just keep going!

Find Jeffrey on Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.


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