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Selling My Used Panties To Strangers Online

A panties seller from London gave us insights about her secret side hustle.

Most of the girls have probably wondered at least once in their life, what it’s like to sell their own dirty panties online. It seems like an easy and fast way to earn some extra money, right? Selling used underwear has become a serious business for several ladies out there and we figured that it's definitely not all fun in the beginning. We have talked to Lisa from London, who sells her used panties on the internet to strangers with a special fetish. She reveals that it is much more than just wearing a pair of pants and chucking them in an envelope. Whether you are just curious or actually considering breaking into the panties industry, Lisa has answered all the questions you have always wanted to know.

Hi Lisa, tell us about yourself!

I am 23 years old. I will have to keep my everyday job title anonymous but I’ll go so far as to saying I work in the Accounting/ Finance world.

I enjoy art - visiting galleries and dabbling in my own crafts on occasion. I try to meet my yoga mat minimum once a week and I have a fondness for animals and nature. I’m close to a circle of friends and we like to meet up for pizza, films and video games.

What inspired you to start with the panty business? 

I have always been fascinated by side hustles, especially the secret kind. For me, I guess I enjoy the juxtaposition between anonymity and intimacy of panty selling. I was attracted to the idea of sharing something personal like underwear with someone who values the fact it’s so intimate and yet I’ll never meet that person. It’s much more than just wearing a pair of pants and chucking them in an envelope. There’s the networking and the bonds you form with other sellers and buyers which creates an interesting underworld which captures me (and I’m sure many others) as it is the opposite of the rest of my daily life with its social conventions and propriety.

How and when did you start?

I began my baby steps on Instagram and created a profile in July 2019. I started uploading pictures of myself in certain items, tights mainly. Once I’d dipped my toe in the panty selling waters for a while, I soon discovered a podcast called ‘The Panty Selling Podcast’. It’s created by a genuine panty seller and I began binging each episode. Dalma Rosa has and still teaches me a lot in this field. I treat my Instagram page as a portfolio so that clients can “get to know me” whether it’s my body form or my interests etc. It’s been a good way to interact with people outside of panty selling platforms.

Where do you sell?

Aside from Instagram & Twitter, I sell via designated platforms such as Scented Pansy, PantyDeal, Moomee and I’ve recently begun my journey into Panty Secret.

How much money do you make a month on average?

I charge £ 25-ish for a panty that is worn for 24 hours. I’ll charge more if a client requests something more (extra days wear or sometimes they have a particular fetish which requires some more input from me).

I feel funny making a direct statement on how much money I make exactly as I don’t want to give any readers the impression that this is some get rich quick scheme. There’s plenty of articles sensationalising panty sellers intake as if  it’s a measly easy job - WRONG! I will tell you that whatever money I do take, it is much better than a poke in the eye. I feel proud and I do feel it has been earned as opposed to donated and I did nothing.

Let’s just say it’s more that £100 and less than £500 per month.

Do you sell anything else beside panties? If so, what?

I sell premade photos from photoshoots. Some lewd lingerie fantasy type stuff.

In this business, there are sales which I don’t advertise but I am still finding my boundaries with. Some buyers build rapport with you and gain the confidence to request items such as bodily fluids, shark week items etc. I have made some sales along the way that venture into other fetishes outside of ‘panty fetish’.

What are your customers’ preferences?

I’ve been vocal on my profiles of my day job position, meaning that I am often in formal attire and working in a posh office somewhere in London. That seems to tickle some people’s fancy as the idea of a business woman on her grind whilst wearing items to be sent to them fulfils a naughty fantasy. I've had feedback from customers who found me because they have a specific kink directed towards office women or ladies in stockings (which I wear as part of my workwear very often). Another thing is being from London or seeming posh. That seems to do it for many. Fundamentally I believe buyers enjoy a genuine interaction with someone who is friendly and open to ideas, I hope that I come under that!

Do your friends know about your little side hustle?

I have two friends who know of my side hustle. They don’t know my handles on any of my profiles but they know I am a panty seller. My partner also knows and is supportive.

Tell us about an interesting experience!

It’s special to fulfil someone’s desired kink. I have a buyer who couldn’t believe we enjoyed the same films and that I wore stockings. It really made him happy to know there was someone out there wearing them seriously not just in the bedroom for date night. He never crossed any boundaries and was a perfect gentleman. He wanted some stockings that would fit him too and I was happy to oblige. He’s a very familiar and friendly presence in my side hustle life and it’s interesting to meet people I would never normally meet but we share anecdotes and thoughts as friends.

After the pandemic hit and lockdown was announced in India, I started to receive so many messages for wearing requests. Obviously posting to India during lockdown is out of the question. On politely informing the buyer I wouldn’t be able to post to him. I was then met with questions of my religious faith and if I believed enough. Another during the same period got told the same (that I was sorry but I can’t post during the lockdown period). He then told me all his sexual frustrations as he and his girlfriend can’t have a decent moment in the bedroom and I was to blame because I couldn’t post!

Do you feel safe selling your used panties to strangers?

I do. I do feel like I’m doing something secretive though. But it’s not due to feeling unsafe more the general taboo of sex work.

What advice do you have for girls who want to break into the panty industry? 

Most panty sellers also sell other items - sexting, cam sessions, nudes, videos etc. so it can get quite complicated if you don’t know what you are willing to sell. I think it’s important to get an idea first what you are comfortable with upfront if that changes later down the line that’s fine. In the beginning, people see a new profile and target a new seller hoping she will be inexperienced and give away freebies. I later realised I dedicated too much attention and gave free images to someone who never had any intention of buying.

Get an idea of what the market and the language is. There are threads on Reddit for selling where you can just catch a vibe on what is already on offer and on Twitter have a look at what other sellers are up to. These platforms are free and you can gain some valuable experience before paying a fee to a panty selling platform. Get to grips with the language used. That way you can figure out your boundaries and start advertising on what you feel comfortable with. Once you know what panty stuffing is and if you’re comfortable showing your face or showing nudes - you can then create your persona. Create a creative name to grab people's attention and create your brand! 

BE SAFE! Anonymity is crucial so it’s important to begin this hustle under a separate email and name from the start.

I think I made the mistake of not researching enough in the beginning. I didn’t find a supportive group of sellers to learn from until only a few months ago. Finding sellers who you can learn from is great. You can warn each other of time wasters and make sure you’re not underselling yourself.

It’s difficult to say what platforms are good or bad. Currently, I’m really disappointed in a major platform called Panty Deal. Unfortunately, there are buyers seeking underwear worn by people below the age of 18… This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. On this platform, buyers are able to create adverts and too many a time have I come by someone looking for panties from minors. Other like-minded sellers such as myself are doing our best to report these buyers profiles when we see this. I have had direct contact with Panty Deal via email in trying to create more moderation and a filter to stop this but lately, they have chosen to not reply to my concerns...

What do you count among the positive outcomes since you started the business?

I have learned so much about myself on this journey. It’s been a great way to have something that is mine? I’m my own boss, I decide my hours and I have found my boundaries and I feel content knowing that. It’s been great to find some buyers who you genuinely do have a great time chatting to. The kind where when I say ‘haha’ I’m not fake virtual laughing just so you buy from me. It’s been awakening to meet fellow panty sellers and share stories and see their growth and how they got there. It’s not just about being money-driven. There’s something very psychologically gratifying in knowing you are able to create a business and know you have worth and very often you realise that worth isn’t determined by a price it’s actually time that costs the most. Your own personal time is so important and how you chose to spend it.

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