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Sonic Activism: Fi McCluskey's Journey Through Music, Empowerment and Social Change

Fi McCluskey marks the initiation of her solo journey with the mesmerising release of 'Empty Space,’ a beguiling blend of dark trip-hop and enchanting psychedelia.

My name is Fi McCluskey. I am a musician, singer, and songwriter. I grew up in Dagenham with Irish immigrant parents. It was an interesting way to grow up, especially as an artist. It allowed for a unique viewpoint on the world which has held me in good stead. There was a resilience that came from being the daughter of immigrants and growing up in a working-class area that I draw on today.

Like most working class children you are given realistic aspirations. This has been my inspiration, to blow the lid off of this mentality. The world is full of diverse voices - we need to make sure they are heard.

Let's face it: this world can be beautiful, however, we find ourselves in a cruel, unjust place. An artist can turn emotion into something tangible. What does it mean to be human? Connection, empathy, anger, sadness, freedom, happiness. A deeper human connection defines me as a creative. The ability to potentially share a like mind, change, or open minds is a magical thing.

Music is everything. When you think of any social revolution through generations and movements, music is at the heart of it. From Rock N Roll, Punk, and Rave to Hip Hop, music is incredibly powerful. It frees the soul.

My music is uncompromised in its message. I promote female empowerment - creating alliances amongst all women, the struggle that binds us all, and the continued fight against the patriarchy. I fuse trip-hop and psych to sonically express the layers of emotional turmoil that come from unravelling the truth about society. Together we are stronger and a force to be reckoned with.

And what challenges do I face? Money, more money, getting money. I'll let you know how we overcome them, maybe we should start with dismantling society. Getting rid of the Tories will be a good start!

Follow Fi on Instagram and listen to her latest single ‘Empty Space’ on all streaming platforms.


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