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  • Heather Cleal

Sweet Sadness: Introducing a Soul-Stirring Side to Vicky

The international singer pines after lost love on her powerful new single, 'Sweet Sadness.'

Vicky’s is the kind of vibrant Pop that exudes unabashed confidence. Like a fun-loving, certified hype girl rallying her girlfriends for a night out; there’s a kind of unapologetic energy to it, harking back to the days of 00’s pop divas. 

Previous singles such as ‘Do It’, ‘Get High’, and ‘Party’ offer fearless anthems packed with catchy hooks, celebrating self-love and independence. Yet Vicky's latest release, ‘Sweet Sadness’, signals a perhaps unexpected pivot — a raw, emotional ballad revealing a sense of vulnerability beneath her shiny, party-girl exterior, as she weaves the delicate complexities of love and loss.“This song took a long time to complete. It was inspired by the rough and tumble of my relationship with my now husband. Relationships require a lot of self-discipline, compromise, and work. If you are both willing to do this then you stand a better chance.”

The miscarriage she suffered shortly after shooting the video only added to its poignancy, making its release all the more bittersweet. “If it wasn't for my determination to let go of this pain, the world would never have seen or heard this story and it would have remained locked away in my soul forever.”

It becomes apparent that her honesty is as much about comforting others, as it is lifting a weight from her own shoulders, “The mourning must run its course, don't try to stop it.” 

Painting a picture of longing and heartache, she represents the strength and resilience of women navigating life's complexities, juggling a myriad of roles from mother to performer. 

The sheer determination to carve her own path in an industry vastly different from her upbringing serves as the bedrock of Vicky’s artistic passion. Born in Ukraine to a modest Russian family, she faced financial constraints typical of young artists. But music was her lifeline. Memories of MTV days, belting out tunes by Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, fuelled her passion, “I would spend all day in front of my TV, trying to sing along.”

Later, an audition for the hit reality programme ‘Star Factory 4’ became her springboard. Compared to the experience of American Idol, Vicky was elected from a pool of some 50,000 applicants, going on to hone her talent and forge invaluable connections, while touring non-stop for the best part of a year. “Sometimes, we had two or three sold-out shows a day. Back then, it was the biggest show in the country. We toured from state to state and neighbouring countries like Poland, Germany, Latvia, and gained a whole lot of experience. It was kind of like a school for us.”

When it comes to idols, Vicky is quick to cite Celin Dion, “because of her passion, her character for being a perfectionist, and her work ethic. Like me, she also had to pick up English as a second language.”

Meanwhile, she is the first to point out that her sound is constantly evolving - a familiar quest for authenticity amongst creatives. “Right now I’m writing a lot of music with different producers - I’m still looking for something that’s unique and authentic to me. I want to continue growing musically, perfecting my craft.”

Despite her battles and triumphs, Vicky maintains a pure heart and innocent intentions, as if deep down, she is still that young girl singing in front of her TV.  “I want to uplift people through my music. I would love to perform anywhere and everywhere - the world is one big village to me, united by music.” 

Follow Vicky on Instagram and listen to Sweet Sadness on all major platforms.


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