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  • Emma Louise Alvarez

The Streets Are Ablaze - A Poem About Privilege

© Illustration by INJECTION - Mia Hatch

The Streets Are Ablaze - A Poem About Privilege

Submitted by Emma Louise Alvarez (21), Belgium-Mexico

I have never felt like my life was in danger because of the colour of my skin

And what a privilege that has been.

The privilege you have needs to be constantly re-evaluated;

And if that ever causes you to be frustrated,

Then look around:

‘Black Lives Matter’ is not just a phrase, the streets are ablaze -

Do we still find racism and pain strange? The world needs to change.

Police brutality, hatred and discrimination,

We have to move forward and question the foundation

on which we’ve based our many discriminatory ways

Meanwhile people go on holidays and live in a haze, get out of that haze

There’s been too many delays for peace. Now let me rephrase:

We need change - we need to do better; to improve our ways

To fight for justice and always be kind; to not be blind

To the many injustices of the world - MAKE UP YOUR MIND

Will you stand behind this movement, or will you fall behind?

You cannot simply be “apolitical” - be critical

Of your thoughts, beliefs and opinions and ask yourself to change.

Help the world and all its people, and make room for change:

Embrace all the change happening in the world right now.


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