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Interview: How OnlyFans Changed the Sex Industry

© OnlyFans, Illustration by Alicia Lupieri

What it's really like to be an OnlyFans Creator and how OnlyFans is giving the power back to women in the sex industry.

OnlyFans has truly changed the stereotypes of sex workers by allowing them to own their content. The platform offers its creators to have direct power and control over their own photos and videos by monetising the access to it. For many creators, OnlyFans is not all about nudes and money, but about having fun and owning your sexuality.

We have talked to the 23-year old Kat Rae about her personal experiences as an OnlyFans creator. One of the main reasons she joined was not the extra money, but to feel empowered and more confident in her own body. So whether you're just curious or truly thinking about starting an OnlyFans and in need of some solid advice, read on!

When and why did you become an OnlyFans creator?

I became a creator on OnlyFans last June 2020. I joined OnlyFans for several reasons - obviously, the money and extra income was a huge bonus. However, I also joined simply because I wanted to explore my sexuality more - while at the same time helping myself get more comfortable in my body.

We saw your TikTok, you earned $1537.93 after one week of being on the platform! How have things been going for you since then?

That was a great first week for me! I think because I already had such a good following along several platforms it really helped boost my OnlyFans in a way I never thought it would. Since then I have had months where it was less than that and others where I make more. I do try to remind people that you may not have the same success as me because of my followers, just because I don’t want people joining it for the wrong reasons thinking they are going to have the same outcome as me. You very well could even do better than me! But I just want others to keep that in mind! Make sure to have reasonable expectations.

Is your close circle aware of your OnlyFans account? If yes, have you dealt with controversy?

Some are - some aren’t. You have to sort of play the field and figure out what is best for you and who you should and shouldn’t tell. You really have to protect yourself in this industry and find your true allies because sadly there is a negative stigma that comes with sex work. I am lucky enough to have a family that understands I am an adult that can make my own decisions, and they are just happy to see me succeed and thrive with whatever I choose to do.

What do you offer to your subscribers?

I offer a wide variety of content. I mainly do photo sets, custom videos, or video sets.

How much do you charge for an image or a video chat?

This really depends on a number of factors. Duration of the video, the specifics of the video, and my appearance all play into how much I will charge each video or photo set for. But a base price I do for photo sets and video sets is between $20 and $80.

Tell us… what was your most memorable request someone had?

I get a lot of fun and crazy requests on the daily to weekly. But some of the most memorable have been armpit licking, fruit looping (which if you don’t know what that is - is a whole conversation in itself), and roleplaying. Because I have red hair I have a lot of requests to play certain red-haired characters.

Do you think that OnlyFans empowers women and feminism?

I do. That is one of the main reasons I joined. I have always had a problem with how I look and my body because I am insecure about it just like so many others are. I still am to a degree, but through my OnlyFans journey, I have started to see things about myself that are beautiful that I once saw as ugly. It really helps change your perspective on thinking “Oh I’m not good enough - I’m not attractive enough” to “Wow - I really am beautiful”. Which is an amazing feeling just by itself. I also think it truly helps women take back the power in the sex industry. There are so many cases where women have been taken advantage of and mistreated by the industry - Mia Khalifa being a perfect example of just that. So I do think it’s important for us to have a platform where we can decide what WE want and what WE are comfortable with.

How do you think OnlyFans has changed sex work?

To be honest - I am still very new to the industry and I find myself learning every day. But with that being said I do think it helps give the power back to women as well as helping create a conversation about Sex work in general. Sometimes conversations can be uncomfortable, but I believe if we talk about these issues we can change the stigma and peoples opinions on how it makes them feel - uncomfortable.

Have you ever had uncomfortable situations with (male) subscribers?

You can have an uncomfortable situation with ANY subscriber. But with that being said - yes I have. It’s bound to happen. When going into this industry you really have to develop a tough backbone or else you aren’t going to survive. Because sadly some people are brutal to you just because of you working in this industry.

How do you promote your OnlyFans?

I use a variety of Social Media channels. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit, even just word of mouth. But with doing this - you do have to make sure to do your research on each platform in order to not be deleted.

What advice would you have for someone thinking of starting out on the platform?

Don’t join for the wrong reasons. Do your research. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t do ANYTHING you are not comfortable with. The money ALWAYS comes first.

Lastly - have fun. Do it for you.

Follow Kat Rae on her socials here.

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