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  • Georgia Bates

In Conversation With: Amethyst - UK's Breakout Musicians

© Amethyst

Converse with Amethyst as she talks all things music.

Part 4/6 of UK’s breakout musician series.

Amethyst's passion for music began as a child, and she told us, 'I used to sing along to Disney soundtracks in my living room, and I think that's when I knew I wanted to sing. There was always music playing in my house, mainly classical but a lot of funk, soul and disco as well so music was always going to play a part in my life'. Such genres have played a part in Amethyst's flair, and the artist incorporates a variety of styles into her music- taking particular inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald, Gregory Porter, Beyonce, Lianne La Havas, Jazmine Sullivan and Cleo Sol. She told us, 'I love trying to fuse the world of jazz soul and RnB as that's what I've grown up with'.

Amethyst described her journey breaking out into the music industry as tough, adding 'I mean I thought I'd be signed and winning Grammy's at 18, but it's not like that. You need a lot of drive and determination and self-belief'. Expanding this, Amethyst added 'I'm glad I've taken my time because I really didn't know what type of artist I wanted to be or what kind of sound I wanted to create for a long time, and I feel like I released music at the right time for me'.

The artist released her debut EP Get Comfortable in 2022, which consists of 4 tracks, each telling their own story of love. Dropping the EP was a surreal moment for the songstress, and her soulful style is fully incorporated into each single. Amethyst writes all her songs and says she loves being part of the creative process as much as possible. She told us 'Lyrically, I'm very inspired by love. I'm a Pisces, so I daydream a lot, so can be quite dramatic and love to dig into whatever emotion I might be feeling at the time'. Having recently moved to London, she added, 'I'm massively inspired by my surroundings and can find so much from just sitting on the bus looking at my surroundings or just people watching and making little stories up. I would also like to shout out Ted Hayes, my lifelong writing partner and Strama, who was a massive part of my debut EP'.

As it is so easy to get lost in the music industry, Amethyst told us how she tries to remain true to herself as an artist by 'Making sure to spend as much time in the moment with friends and family and really connecting with those around me.' Amplifying this, Amethyst said she ensures to not pressure herself into making music 'and making sure that I am a part of every track I put out, whether that be writing, producing etc. The song can only be a part of me if it's really come from me'. In acknowledging what she wants to achieve in the industry, aside from winning an EGOT, Brit Award and performing at Glastonbury, she told us 'If I can just make music that resonates with people and helps them, then I'm already doing what I wanted to achieve'.

Amethyst's soothing jazz vocals paired with the soulful beats that underly songs give for a dreamy sound and her EP Get Comfortable and new single Boys are well worth the listen. Boys dropped on the 12th of August and, with skilful lyricism, is a self-proclaimed 'soundtrack to calling men out on their behaviour'. The artist wrote the track to highlight the dangers of men who abuse their power in both the workplace and relationships. Check out the video for Boys below.

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