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Rosehip: An Instant Dose of Serotonin

© Rosehip

Van-life, late summer nights and nature in bloom: switch off with Rosehip's enchanting melodies.

Submitted by Rosehip, London UK

The concept of Rosehip was born in late-2019 after years of searching for a fitting name and identity for my music. One day I randomly saw the word written on a bottle of Rosehip oil and thought, “damn that works perfectly!” I had been releasing kind of cheesy music under my own name for a few years at this point but Rosehip was an opportunity to rebrand and redefine my sound into something cooler, with my first release ‘Mirrors’ in Jan 2020.

The pandemic that shortly followed ended up being an amazing opportunity for me to focus on creating music without the usual distractions of daily life. It was during this period that I created my biggest track ‘Awake’, now with over 12 million streams on all networks, along with most of the music I have released since. The success of ‘Awake’ really spurred me on. For a good year I was up late every night, sometimes doing 60+ hours a week on creating, finessing and mixing my music. It was a very transformative time for me, during which I feel I truly discovered how to make professional sounding tracks efficiently and effectively.

However, I had a real artistic awakening when I hired a campervan in October 2020 and toured the Lake District making music along the way. I hadn’t realised how inspiring nature and the sense of adventure could be. Fast forward a year or so and I was proud to release my debut album ‘Origins’, the roots of which were formed on this campervan trip. 'Origins' provides a musical blueprint for the Rosehip brand, the ‘origin story’ if you will, offering a stylistic taste of the variety of genres and moods to come from Rosehip in the future.

© Rosehip

A year later and my EP ‘Odyssey’ (out 15th September 2023) marks the start of my career-defining body of work. After years of learning, fine-tuning and mastering my sound, I feel like I am finally producing the music I have always wanted to make. This five-track EP represents a late-summer inspired journey through catchy riffs, joyful melodies and dazzling soundscapes, including a series of collaborative releases, representing the next stage of my career.

Found’, the first single from the EP, provides an instant dose of serotonin, calling upon playful synths, airy pads and uplifting keys to achieve a warming arrangement perfectly encapsulating the Rosehip signature sound. With gentle keys and spoken lyrics from emerging London-based poet ‘Kali Says What’, the second single ‘Yawn’ exudes a peaceful tone, gradually building with flourishing synths, interlaced with an array of intricate sound design.

© Rosehip

Still to be released from ‘Odyssey’, ‘Bloom’ is a laid-back lofi beat with a pleasant contemplative atmosphere, creating an ambience reminiscent of laying in the sun on a warm day when the birds are out and nature is in bloom. In addition, ‘Nectar’ is an infectious summer pop anthem featuring vocals from Thpcmkr and a warm and enchanting vibe. Odyssey EP will invite listeners into a carefree dimension that helps to melt away everyday troubles or stress.

In addition, my campervan conversion project, which I started over a year ago, is practically finished, opening the door to more amazing trips around the UK and Europe. With Scotland in April and Scandinavia in July, my very own campervan, tailor-made for me to go and make music and content on the road, means there are no limits to where Rosehip can go.

Find Rosehip on Instagram and TikTok, Youtube and Spotify.


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