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  • Lucy Faulkner

Scene to be Seen

A visual exploration of female freedom, strength and beauty.

As we have re-emerged from lockdowns and continue to step into the still uncertain “new normal”, we are given the opportunity not only for a revival of physical freedom but freedom of self-expression.

Athena’s wisdom, Nike’s victory, Venus’ power; these Roman and Greek Goddesses and the statues that remain in their honour are ancient symbols of female empowerment. By encouraging the embodiment of these Goddesses within our personal identities, we can explore our own expression of femininity, freedom and strength. After two years, it is time we regain the stage, not to simply be seen again, but to be the scene.


Creative Director and Writer: Lucy Faulkner

Photographer: Jasmijn Rinkens

Stylist: Maddie Zimpfer

Videographer: Alden Maloney

Creative Assistant: Maria Bustos Thon

Models: Carolin Przibylla and Katelijne Kotzé

Designer: Saania Singla

Location: Florence, Italy

Some garments are the team's own.

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